For Lawyers is an online platform that helps people find and work with lawyers who can help them with their everyday legal problems.

We find prospects online. You connect with them and convert them into clients.

Join and watch your legal practice grow

Instant Payments

No need to seek out payment from clients, you are paid instantly as you work, even before you start  teleconsulting with your client.

No risk involved

There is no risk to try it, leads are free, you only pay a flat commission after providing billable services.

Practice anywhere anytime

You can practice whenever and wherever you want and can afford to be more selective in the cases you choose.

Everything in one Place

All the features of our online platform are accessible from your member’s dashboard. From file sharing, to messaging, appointment scheduling to video calling. The most important feature being the online payment gateway.

How does it work for the lawyer?

The teleconsulting on is a simple process:

Once the client has submitted his/her information with case details, relevant documents and appointment time based on your availability, you will have to decide whether or not to go ahead with the case, and eventually contact the client to confirm the appointment by specifying the medium which will be used for the video call (Uberconference, Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype or Facetime). keep yours and your clients’ information secure, private and encrypted. On you can access clients’ case details and we will never share your personal information with other parties.

Why should you choose platform provides the online tools to streamline your practice. We take care of all your invoicing and payment processes by automating them to simply the client-lawyer work relation. In this way, you can focus on providing the best legal services to your clients.

How much do you pay to use

There is no sign up or monthly subscription fee to use our online platform. Instead we will charge you a flat commission rate on all billable services.

How to get started?

Register your account with us now to get started offering legal services online. For more information, send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!